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When a divorce is granted the marriage is terminated. When an annulment is granted the marriage is treated as if it never existed. In Mississippi, some of the statutory grounds for annulment overlap the grounds for divorce.

The grounds for annulment are:

  1. Bigamy
  2. Statutory Incest
  3. Incurable Impotency
  4. Lack of physical capacity to enter the marriage relationship
  5. Insanity at the time of the marriage;
  6. Pregnancy of the wife by another without the husband’s knowledge
  7. Lack of consent due to age; force, fraud, or lack of understanding
  8. Failure to comply with the statutory licensing provisions unless the purported marriage was followed by cohabitation.

Annulment proceedings are rare, but every situation is different. Contact our experienced family law attorneys if you are seeking an annulment and believe you are entitled to one.

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